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Newbie question re blank jpg (but I read all documentation first)

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Hiya. Just started using VideoPad. When I upload two jpgs and place them into a sequence, the first one "plays" but is black. The second one (very similar to the first) plays just fine. Any suggestions are WILDLY appreciated. I couldn't find anything helpful in the manual or other discussions except that VP might ignore only 1 jpg so I made sure to upload two.

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If possible, upload the two shots to a server and link them here, so folks can try to duplicate what you see.

Personally, I've not experienced this behavior.


You might also check your video chip or card manufacturer's WEBsite for an updated video driver...


http://geforce.com/drivers (NVidia)

http://support.amd.c...nload  (AMD)

http://www.intel.com...ics  (Intel)


If problems arise, ROLL BACK via Control Panel|Device Manager|Video Adapters|<your video adapter>|Drivers tab|Rollback button

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Something is afoul. Worked fine here with VP 4.22, which you can download from http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/


Here's the interface...Jennifersue.JPG


Note that all the images are shown, unlike what is seen in your screenshot where it appears that #s 1, 3 and 4 haven't correctly loaded into VP. Check to be certain that no effects have been applied.


Here's the result... http://hevanet.com/hb/Jennifersue.wmv

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