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Fade In & Out multiple clips at once.

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I looked through the forum and couldn't find this anywhere, but it seems like it should be a simple thing. I have a bunch of clips and I want every one of them to have a .1 fade in and a .1 fade out. Instead of going through the 2 step process of clicking and selecting fade for each clip is there a way to do it for multiple clips at once?

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Hello, To apply the fade effect to all your clips you can select them all with the key combo Ctrl+A, once you have selected all the clips you may click on the Sequence Tab and then click on Transitions and set which transition and how long it should last. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).

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"Perhaps "apply to all" can be added - similar to the video transition option."


Although it seems you can select and add an effect to multiple video clips (when you get the option to apply the effect to all the clips or just the one,) the effect chosen however is added to all the clips "as is" (At least with Transparency)


I originally thought CinemaWinner was referring to video clips and tried using Transparency to generate a multiple clip fade in/fade out. Although I could set up a fade in/fade out preset VP would not apply it to multiple clips...only the 50% opacity default preset could be used.

Have I missed something here?



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We've re-designed the effects window. The new effects window will interact with the main UI instead of blocking everything behind.


For example, you'll be able select clips while the effects window is opening, and then click the "Apply to selection" button to apply the current effect chain to the all selected clips.


The new version is in testing now and will be released soon.


Best Regards,

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