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I believe I've found a bug


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This applies to version 4.22. It seems there is a bug that happens when using the crop, zoom, and play in reverse effect. I've tested this on different videos and get the same results.


First you take an image and crop it. Then, zoom the image so it's full screen. Then copy that image and place it immidiately after the clip and have it play in reverse. So if you did this with a clip of a guy jumping off a bridge the final video would show him jumping off the bridge and then flying back up in reverse back onto where he jumped.


The video preview will be fine but the exported video will have the second cropped clip that plays in reverse unzoomed and discolored with the Hue effect. I submitted a bug report but I'm just wondering if these things typically get fixed and how long does it usually take. There is a work around to this. Simply crop the clip first and export it then it can be put in video and played in reverse no problem.


All in all, I think this product is great. I just recently purchased it and aside from what appears to be a bug I found it's really the best video editor I've gotten to this date.

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