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I just downloaded GR yesterday and spent a few hours tying it out. This morning I opened it once more to convert and save to mp3 format and thought I was successful, only to find out that although the file would open with Windows media player there was no sound. I tried using another program but, no luck there either. The files would play using GR though.


Any help with his would help. Thank you.



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Hi Toronaga,

Ok, that's a strange problem. I can only think of a couple of things which may cause something like this.


The first thing to check is that the volume control on WMP is not too low.


The second possibility is to do with multiple sound cards. If you have more than one card have you made sure that the sound in WMP is being directed to the correct one?


Have you checked that WMP can play other audio files correctly? (ie. Files not created with Golden Records).


When you try and play these files with WMP, what length does WMP display them as having?




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Hi Ben,


Thank you for your response. The volume on WMP is at a good level since I listen to mp3's almost every night WMP will play a lot of formats without a hitch.


I have an HP Pavilion PC and the sound is integrated on the MB.


When I play the GR files they show the same playing length in GR or WMP.




Also, this word processor leaves a lot to be desired. I must type very slow because it can't keep up; letters sometimes don't appear on screen and I must retype several times.





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New update; last night I went to play my favorite playlist w/headphones and low and behold, no sound! I then tried GR and had all of the sound I could want.


What's up with this?


This morning when I turned on my PC (speakers on) the intro sound played as well as ne of CNN's videos. Also I just tried playing one of my files converted from GR (cassette to MP3) and it's playing jus fine.


Whisky Tango Foxtrot? One of life's mysteries (solved?)



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