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What a nightmare, i have been working on a cd mix for the last few days & of course i have been saving my project every step of the way..

I managed to complete this in the early hrs of this morning.

I saved the project again, before exporting it out as a wave file..

To my horror, after the school run this morning, i returned home to burn a audio cd, ... NOTHING !!

The exported audio file is seen on my desktop & it says it is 75 min long.

BUT it is audioless..!!!!!!!

So, i have re-opened my saved mix pad project file & .... yes THE WHOLE THING IS GONE..

All it shows me is all the parts but no waves or sound... wth..??

mixpad v3.27..


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Hi my NCH Software has just completely removed my mix! My computer updated I saved saved saved and opened my computer and now it’s nothing just a blank grey screen just the headlines of opening/save project/export mix/load etc but not mixing screen. Please I spent hours on this and now it’s gone! 

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If you look for the files in Windows explorer, each project file (.mpdp) should be paired with a folder which should contain all your audio data. So, for example, if you have a project called MySong, then there will be a project file called MySong.mpdp and there will be a folder called MySong.mpdp.ProjectData. Can you check to see if these folders exist?

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