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Sound level meters working with nothing hooked up

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Hi all. Newbie here. Hooked up GR as described in diagrams.Problem is sound meters bouncing back and forth with nothing trying to be recorded. In fact, if I turn off the receiver and disconnect from the sound card, no difference, meters still jump around. meters stay in the LOW range. Do not have any thing else playing on the computer. No cd's etc. I'm stumped. Any ireas? Thanx in advance

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What is exactly the setup you are using to record with Golden Records? Are you using a pre-amp or is it a straight connection to the computer? Is it an analog connection to the microphone or line in in your sound card? or you are using an USB device?


In the settings when you record what is the device you have selected to be the recording device?


Let us know so we can provide you with further instructions.



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I had this on my computer, it turned out to be DC offsets, L & R channels were different.  Depending on the sound card driver you can tick a box to eliminate the DC offset, otherwise tick the relevant box in Golden's post-processing options.

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