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Create only Packaging Slips without Invoice

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Hello NCH team,

We are a business model wherein sometimes we need to give the customer only a packaging slip (delivery note) and not the actual invoice (invoicing delayed in most cases).Is there any way we can make only the Packaging slips without the invoice ? If yes, please suggest.



SuperSonicBzv Team

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We do that all the time. Just create the invoice, then record it. Once you have done that, go to the invoice and select packing slip / print packing slip. Your invoice is not finalized by this action. You can still go in after the customer has received the item and finalize the invoice to send or email to them.


We use version 3.99. In this version, from the main computer:

  • Open invoice list
  • Select customer
  • Right click (or two finger click)
  • Select packing slip
  • Select print packing slip (or command s)

From the web access:

  • Select invoices
  • View invoices
  • Select customer
  • Select packing slip from the options to the right of the invoice listing

Hope this helps!



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