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Black Screen Flash for a millsecond between Video Clips


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I recently started using the newer version of VideoPad after it updated when I upgraded to Windows 10 on my PC laptop. I have the unlicensed home version.


I love the more easy to use features in this version although I am having one issue. I don't use transitions - fades, crossfades, shapes, reveals, etc. All of my edits are fast cut; in essence it's "no transition". Just video clips set next to each other. Most of them run smoothly but oddly enough I get a few that have the quickets of a black screen flash in between them. It's almost like a burst of black screen; a few milliseconds.


I have tried everything to get rid of them. I have zoomed as much as you can to ensure that there is no tiny gap between the 2 clips on the clip preview bar. I have made the most miniscule of cuts to tighten the clips up. Sometimes the clips aren't there after I do those tiny cuts but inevitably they pop back up.


I thought that once I actually uploaded the real video onto my hard drive from VideoPad, it may fix this but it didn't. In fact, on my last video, I can point out places that it happened so you can see.


It's happening on my new video and I wish I could stop this!


I've tried to read on these forums for a similar problem but I haven't come across anyone else having this issue. I thought there might be a link to someone discussing the padding that clips that are in HD have when edited together, but I don't think they have the same black-screen flash issue that I do.


Any thoughts?


In the meantime, here is a link to a video I uploaded.

If you look between the clips at the 0:21 second mark. (between the clip fo running down the stairs and then the clip of going to the glass door), this is one example. You will see how it's not smooth and there is a black flash.

There are quite a few but another example is at the 0:57 mark (between the clip of the girl reacting and then the clip that begins dancing by the post office box).



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