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Accessing Multiple Videos on DVD or Blu-ray from Menu

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I want use WavePad to put multiple videos onto disc (DVD or Blu-ray), and then be able to access the start of any video from the (top) menu. I don't mind if the end of a video runs into the beginning of the next one, though I would prefer to return to the menu. I have used, and still use, DVD recorders, all of which work this way from the menu.


I have not been using WavePad very long, and so far nothing I have tried has worked. Help!

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Chanter, If a sequence is going to be burnt as a video DVD, chapters can be added to the DVD by setting bookmarks.

  1. First, add bookmarks to your timeline:

  • Right-click the timeline at the position where you would like the chapter separator to be and select Set Bookmark.
  • Change the name and color of the bookmark if you like (this will not affect your DVD chapters), then click OK.
  • Repeat the above steps for every position you want to start a new chapter. Each bookmark will be used as a chapter separator.

2. Second, choose to export your movie to DVD:

  • Follow the instructions in Saving, Sharing, or Burning a Video to burn a DVD.

  • A dialog will appear, asking if you would like to export your bookmarks as DVD Chapters. Select Use bookmarks as chapters.

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Thanks a lot. I will give this a try. After my post, and a little more thought, I figured it would be something like this, but I wasn't sure about the exact mechanics.


I assume this works the same way if I burn a Blu-ray (I use Express Burn).

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