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Invoices say paid. Need help changing this


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I have quite a few invoces that say they are paid when no payment was applied. This is occuring under the invoice report page. If I click on payment report it has the correct amount paid.


For example: I have a customer who's paid $1,605 and thats what it says under the payment report which is correct. That paid for 9 of the 22 invoices. When I click on invoice report it says 19 of the 22 invoices are paid?


Can anyone help me resolve this.

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Which version are you using of Express Invoice? I am on 3.99.


Are you referring to the invoice list instead of the invoice report? And the payments list instead of the payments report?


Have the payments been for invoices that are not necessarily the oldest ones?


I have found my version of Express Invoice to be very persnickety about which invoice a payment applies when I try to apply it to a more recent one if there are still older ones on the books. When you apply the payment, watch to see how much of it is applying to which invoice. You can change those applied amounts in that screen. Working in the main computer, I have found that I have to double click on the "Apply Payment to Invoice" bar, making sure the correct invoices are highlighted. Then click OK. Double check to see where it applied in your invoices list. If it did it wrong, you have to go back to payments, delete that payment, and do it again.


Hope this helps!



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