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Waves effect is extremely limited


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From my point of view, the Waves video effect could really have some improvements, and it's been like this ever since I started using VideoPad on early 2014. How about making the waves vertical, how wide and dense (dense as in adding 2+ wave effects) should they be, and how fast should they move without changing clip speed? Surprisingly, no one has talked about this before.

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I've tried using the wave effect on a text overlay and it definitely works, but the waves seem to reverse direction half way through the clip. I can't figure out how to control the wave direction. At first I thought it might be related to the speed going from positive to negative, but that doesn't seem to be the case. No matter what I do the wave effect seems to reverse direction. Does anyone know where I might find a tutorial or something that would explain how to use this effect successfully?

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Just try various values for the horizontal wave.

As an experiment use a centred line of alphabet size 18 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijkl This shouls just span the screen

H Waves is the number of waves horizontally from 1-10

H Amplitude is obviously amplitude from 0 - 20.

First set the V sliders to the left.


If you try a setting of 10 waves at amplitude 10 and speed of 0 you will see that the line of text becomes a standing wave apparently not moving left or right.


The speed setting governs the apparent wave direction.


Negative values show a wave movement to the right

Value of 0 No wave movement...Standing wave related to the number and amplitude settings.

Positive values show a wave movement to the left.


The speed of the wave being related to the degree of negativity or positivity.


The same applies to the v values but a mixture can produce quite complicated movement effects.



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Thanks Nat. I tried restarting the effect and doing only a few manipulations at a time. I figured out the apparent visual wave direction reversal was related to the speed setting, but didn't understand why until after I had supper (probably a brain/blood sugar issue). Once I sat down and realized this was similar to what I see on an oscilloscope, and that changing the time domain would change the apparent direction of wave progression. I logged in and saw your excellent response and wanted to say thank you.


Clearly picking the speed settings and wave count carefully can minimize this apparent visual anomaly.

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