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Increase image resolution for zoom

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Hello Dear fellow PhotoStagers,


My question is:


Is there any possibility to increase the resolution of the Images in the Slideshow when zooming in?


Eg i have a some MP image but when i make a zoom effect, it only zooms into the 1080p version of the image generated by PhotoStage.


And to be honest it sucks a little bit if you have a huge resoluted panorama picture and want to zoom into it and end up with a bunch of blown up pixels instead of a sharp image as it should be due to resolution...



Best Regards,


PS: Maybe i just have overseen a setting which allows this, then I'm SRY ;-)

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Hi Robert, the zoom option on the program will only zoom using the image as loaded on Photostage, the program won't allow you to make zoom on the image as if you were working with the original file since Photostage has to standardize all the pictures in order to create the Slideshow. If you need to make a closer zoom then you may want to consider using a zoomed image on photostage instead of trying to zoom from the application itself.

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