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help income statement is wrong: incomes doesn't appear


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I'm using Express Accounts since 1 year now, and today when i have checked my income statement , the income is blank

when i do balance sheet or Trial balance all work correctly

it was working perfectly before but now big problem


is there any bug ? i'm having several issue now the software is crashing from time to time


i use the Mac version on OS El Capitan , NCH express account V5.03


just to precise it was working at the beginning when i install the new OSx

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Hello, This type of issues require specific troubleshooting on a case by case scenario, so the best thing in this case is for you to contact NCH Software support team, and although there is the option to pay for priority support it is not required for getting assistance since NCH Software offers free email support for all their support.


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My year to date income statement and balance sheet will only reflect December entries. I can view all journal entries for the entire year, but when I request an income statement (year to date) it only shows December journal entries. If I request and income statement for any month earlier than Dec, I get the "no info available" error. Also. when I request the Balance Sheet, it only reflects December activity.

I tried updating to the latest version, imported a backup. All journals show up, but still get the same results.

What's up?

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