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Adding 'Distortion' Effect Causes Crash

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Hi friends,


every time I try to add the distortion effect, the app freezes for about 10 seconds, then closes. The only message I've seen is when I reopen it and it asks if I'd like to restore the last session. Others mention this same issue in recent Play store feedback, but I can't find it mentioned here.


The other effects all work properly. I love the app, but this bug kinda spoils the experience. I sent a bug report a few days ago.





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Thanks, I was informed that it's a known issue.


I don't know if this should be a new thread but it's just a little thing really. When I load a small clip, it's displayed at a decent size, but after reopening the app, it's shrunk to a couple of millimetres wide, which is too small all to work with (eg: adjusting envelopes). Is there a way to enlarge it lengthwise? The only way I've found is to remove and re-add the clips.


Regards & thanks




(Using MixPad on Android)

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