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Export 1920x1080 suddenly giving awful results

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All my videos are 1920x1080 / 23.976 / H264


Exporting with following parameters works as expected :


Export parameters : Custom/.mp4/1280x720/24

Encoder Options : H264/19.0/AAC/320


The video is of good quality. VLC and my TV are happy. The file size is about 1.6 Go, the duration is 14 min.


But since few days, I get a faulty export when I select resolution 1920x1080, all other parameters remaining the same. Size is 1.2 Go (smaller than 1280x720 export) !

Previously, I was getting good result with VLC, even if sometimes my TV was freezing few seconds (size was 2.5 Go).


Now VLC is giving me an awful display (the sound is ok)




I order to be on the safe side, I even tried to clean-up the cache with no success (free space on drive is 60Go) .

Trying to goback to a previous backup, I get the same bad results.


Any clue of what to look at ? I don't remember to have made any modification to my configuration (no driver, last windows update was Sept 10th).


Thanks for helping

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Have you got the good quality with 1080p previously with the same project?

I am pretty sure (last good export 1080 was on 27/09, and only few sounds may have been added since).

Anyway, I took the oldest backup I had, for which I got an export ok in 1080, and have the save problem. Exporting to 720 is working as expected.

It really looks like something as changed on my system - the "Converting" dialog itself, from time to time, is not showing the usual information (but only when exporting to 1080) .




Could you share the project files (including media files) on DropBox/Google Drive so we can perform some testing?




It is a 3 Gb project, I don't have this space available but I will try to get it from somebody else...I will PM you the link when it will be loaded.




09:20 PM

I just created a brand new project with other video files (of same quality- about 8min) and I got both 720 and 1080 export working as expected !


I will continue to experiment.



00:20 PM

I tracked down the problem to a project of 2 videos


- the first one is a GoPro Video directly loaded in VideoPad, stabilized

1 - shortened to be shorter than the second video to reproduce the screen of VLC I showed

if it is longuer, VLC display the first part, but the image freeze at start of second video

2 - set at start of sequence


- the second one has followed a lengthy conversion process (I have three of that kind in my real project...)

1 - Cutted and converted by GoPro studio - step 1

2 - In step 2 speed 50%, exported in CineForm AVI

(highest quality to allow further processing in another video program)

and applying Flux GoPro proprietary algorithm to smooth the speed reduction effect

3 - imported in VideoPad

4 - stabilized

5 - set at end of sequence.


The project size is now 380Go and I will able to upload it to DropBox.


I will PM you the link when the file will be available.

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