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Connect directly to hdmi projector


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Dear users,

I'm wondering how to connect VideoPad directly with a projector using hdmi. I'd like to see ONLY the content of the sequence-preview-window on the projector, how to change the playback-seetings accordingly?

Many many thanks for your support.


PS: I'm using the current version of VideoPad on a Win7, 64bit system

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First, connect your projector to one of the hdmi output of the video card. Configure Windows extend the desktop and use the projector as a secondary monitor (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution).


You can undock Sequence Preview window by click the small icon on it's top-right (looks like two squares with an arrow).


Once the window is undocked, you can move it to another monitor (the projector).


You can also double click on the Sequence Preview window which bring up the Actual Preview window which allow you to expend to full screen on anther monitor.


Please note that Actual Preview is not using cache. It will be slower but you'll get exactly what you get on export.

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