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How to change the duration of a selection of still images


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Drag the clip border, on the timeline.



Sorry, but you were too fast : changing ONE clip length is easy and there is a lot of different ways to do it.


My question is about a selection of clips (may be 10, 20 ...) in order to get the same duration for this group.



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Hi Sam

The problem here is that having set the default duration of still images at the start to a value under options...say at 2.00 seconds. You can add the first selection of images from the media list to the time line where, indeed, they will all have the duration set at 2.00 seconds. That works for singly added images or block added images. So far so good.


Now if you change the default duration to say, 4.00 seconds all further clips from the media list (that were already there) will still be added with the 2 second value. It will not have changed.

It seems changing the default value from it's initial setting will have no effect on the duration of images that are added later from the same media list content.

"Properties" of images in the media list will all remain with the original 2.00 duration setting.


However images added to the media list after the default duration option change will have the new setting.


Obviously the work around for this seeing as you can't "block change" the duration of a set of images, is to add the images to the media list with one default setting. Change the setting and then add the next set of images to the media list which will then arrive with the new default value. This isn't the best way to work it IMHO. It means you can't use the first set of images with the new setting unless you re-add them to the media list where they will have a diffent name as well as double up the list..


I feel what should happen is that all the images on the media list should retain the CURRENT default duration and when this is changed they are all updated en bloc. In other words "Properties" should always show the current default image duration value.

This way you can add a block from the list with say, 2.00 seconds then add the same ones again or different ones with a different value.



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You've tacked onto a very old thread;  best to start anew.

The duration of multiple stills on the timeline can be altered by selecting (highlighting) the images and then changing their duration in the box beneath preview window.  That box is visible only when the CLIP mode tab is active.

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Hi Gérard,

You may do that in the following way: 

Change the default duration of the still images duration at Options --> Media tab.

Go to the Images tab and all the sellected previously images have green mark. Open the file manager folder where are these images and select all the marked VideoPad still images. 

Create a new folder in the VideoPad Images tab, for example ZZZ. Then from the file folder with selected images drag&drop all the selected files/images from the file folder to the VideoPad ZZZ folder. The new drag&drop images in the ZZZ would have the new modified duration. 

Create a new Timeline sequence and drag&drop there the new folder ZZZ. If necessary you may change the images order manually. 

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IMO it's not possible to have a zero-duration image.  Something is amiss here.  There are a number of ways to change image length...

1.  In the bin (top-left), click the image.  Under the preview window, click the box that lists the duration and type in a new length.

2.  On the timeline. right-click the clip and click CHANGE DURATION.  Then do the same as #1.

3.  Place the pointer on the in or out boundary of the clip until a bracket appears, hold down the left mouse button and drag left or right.

If an image's duration still won't budge, upload that image to a server and link it here.  Someone will check it out.

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Hello, I was googling the same issue.

I added 500+ foto is in project and started to edit about 200 and then decided that I wanted to change from 3 to 2 seconds per foto.

I am not sure if something changed but I am on VideoPad 8.75 and I am able to:

select one picture (double click), hold shift and select another picture further down the line in storyboard mode and change the time. All selected pictures will be changed! OMG

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