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How to tell VP where to find ffmpeg19.exe?


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Whenever I start VideoPad the program prompts me at first to download unfound ffmpeg19.exe.


However ffmpeg19.exe is already on my hard disk. Even more: It is already in the installation directory of VideoPad!


So how can I tell VideoPad to search for it in its own installation directory first before bothering the user with unnecessary prompts?


Is it is necessary/possible: How can I tell VideoPad to search for ffmpeg.exe in different folder e.g.





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Hi Peter,


ffmpeg19.exe is just an installer. The components including multiple dll files will be installed in C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Components\ffmpeg19 folder.


It could be one or more files in the component folder is corrupted. Please delete the components folder and ffmpeg19.exe and run VP again. It should download and install all the files automatically.


Best regards,

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