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No effects in exported video


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Hi, my zoom effects are gone in the saved video file.


I have applied a zoom video effect with many keyframes in it.

The Sequence preview shows the video as intended.

Exporting it as a video file, the effects don't show anymore.

I'm using v4.11 on windows 8.1.

Tried different file outputs (.avi etc), same problem.


Can anyone help me?

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By looking at the project, I think I know what the problem is now. I've found the effects you've added are saved as "vfc" files but none of them are applied to the clips.


I think what happen was: In Video Effects dialog (activated by clicking the "FX" icon on the sequence clip), you choose File->Save Effect Chain to File to create the effect chain (vfc) files. And then you close the window without apply the effects to the clip (by clicking the "Apply" button.


You can fix it pretty easily:

  1. Open the Video Effects dialog for the clip by clicking the "FX" button.
  2. In Video Effects dialog, choose File->Load Effect Chain from File and opens the correspoinding effect (vfc) file. After the effect is loaded, you should be able to see the effect on the preview.
  3. Press "Apply" button.
  4. Do the above steps for all clips with effects. You should be able to see the effects on Sequence Preview and will exported correctly.

Hope this helps.


Best Regards,

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  • 7 months later...

Hi, Since version 4.40 I cannot load my video effect (.vfc file) anymore.

There is a way to "save" an effect chain template, but I cant find a way to load it.

Please help!

I search all the help files and Google, but I cant find it.

I want to load my own .vfc files in other projects.

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vfc files are now used as templates. To use old vfc files as a template, just copy it to the following folder:


C:\Users\[user Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\VideoPad\EffectTemplate


We'll add buttons to allow you import old vfc files but please do it manually for now.

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  • 1 year later...

Hi there

I'm using 6.01 but my pan/zoom aren't working in my export, but work as expected while in the project.  

I'm sorry I'm not quite sure I understand in this thread the comment about using templates.

Can you please explain a step by step of what I need to do to make this work in this newer version?  Please be clear, I'm fairly new to video editing in general!


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If your project isn't lengthy, someone will check it out.

With it loaded on the time line, please click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.  Upload ALL the files that result to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.

Make the link public and post it here.  If there are many files, zip them first, then upload the zip file.

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8 hours ago, J_Nintendo said:

I'm sorry I'm not quite sure I understand in this thread the comment about using templates.


Once you have created an effect (eg. Pan  with Zoom) you can preview the clip and check how it looks and alter it if required. In some cases you might want to use exactly the same effect on another clip. This would mean starting the process again with the new clip.

VP however has a feature "Save effect as a chain template" ... the button on the effects window resembling an old blue cassette disc....that will save the effect that you created and place it into the Template section of the list of effects. Here you can select it like all the regular effects and apply it to any other clip.


  • Click the FX tab on the clip
  • Click the Green Cross at the top of the Effects pane.
  • Click Pan and Zoom. Note that Pan and Zoom do not require keyframes and these are inactive.
  • Adjust the rectangle in the preview pane to outline the area required for the Start position and click the Select start frame button.
  • Click Select end frame button. The rectangle centres in the frame
  • Adjust the rectangle to show the final position and size of the Pan and Zoom .
  • Click Preview effect to activate the preview pane and play the clip to check the effect. Reclick the box to change the rectangles if required.

Having now created your effect you can save it ........

  • In the Effects pane click the Blue cassette button (Save as effect chain template)
  • Type in a name for your effect   e.g.     "TESTPNZM" and then click the Save button.
  • To use the template. Close the effects window and select a different clip.
  • Click the FX tab for the new clip
  • Click the green cross at the top of the Effects pane.
  • Scroll down the list of effects and under Templates you will see your new Pan and Zoom effect (TESTPNZM)
  • Select this in the normal way.

To remove or rename the new template.....

  • Click the FX tab on any clip or the Video Effects tab on the toolbar
  • Click the "Eraser" button  to the right of Blue cassette ..."Edit effect chain template"
  • Select the template from the list and then either  select to Delete it or Rename it.

Further.....The Pan and Zoom effect both placed direct and from a template export work just fine with VP 6.01 here -_-.


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Hey @borate

Thanks for taking a look at the project for me.

I exported the video to a file again using the auto-detect settings and the pan/zoom's are indeed now there.  The only thing I did differently was not export it directly to my GDrive.

As you say there is some shake on some zooms and not others, and some with just part of a zoom.  Any ideas why this might be happening and what I could do to prevent it?

Thanks again.

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It took some time to download your files and a long time to cache and export but I found the image clear; the cuts, dissolves and zooms pans etc. smooth with no jitter. The main problem here was that the sound was way out of synch.. Exported as as a 1920 x 1080 avi.  The playback of the sequence within VP was very stop/start though with frequent "Building preview" warnings. I don't tend to get that with my videos during editing but suspect it might be my PC. I'll try another export with different settings.........


Exported perfectly (and much faster) as lower quality mpeg4 1920 x 1080 29.9 fps with constant frame rate ticked.

Exported perfectly as high quality mpeg4 1920 x 1080 29.9 fps with constant frame rate ticked. Both playing in VLC


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Well, I couldn't preview either clip directly from the dropbox site and had to download it. (Might be a Firefox setting possibly).


Nevertheless, I have just carefully reviewed the exported MPEG4 with the High quality setting mentioned  and confirm that it was in synch smooth and without any jitters.-_-


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I looked again very closely at the test export I made here. and  Cam 1 shows an almost imperceptible jitter. It's hardly noticeable I have to say.:mellow: and overall the export is excellent. But I have an idea regarding this. The camera used is in a different place in in the room.  How solid is the floor in the recording area? I have a similar video I made with two cameras (no zooms though) where the movement I made playing my violin caused the second camera tripod to "bounce" very slightly on the wooden floor. I notice the thing here is present even when Cam 1 doesn't zoom making me think it's the artist perhaps tapping a foot or something; his right leg does move...

In fact looking at the unedited Cam 1 clip there is a definite judder near the start when he sits down.This is edited out of the finished film.  BTW I had hardware acceleration ticked for this test export.


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