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Broadwave Update

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Hello, Ive been a user of Broadwave for a few years now and have been quite pleased on how easy it is to set up and use. However, now that its apparent that Adobe Flash is dying a slow death. Is there any possibility that the Stream can be coded using HTML5? Flash is on a downward spiral due to security concerns and pretty soon Broadwave Driven sites that use the flash component will no longer work. Youtube is one of the many Internet giants that have chosen to dump flash in favor of HTML5. Any thoughts or future plans for an update?


Thanks for your consideration

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Hi Sir Mandrake,

This is an issue I am aware of, and we are discussing what to do about it. It is quite likely that we will put BroadWave back into development at some point to address this. Any other suggestions you have in regard to future versions would be welcome :)



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Thank you for your replies.


Indeed you guys have a polished piece of software that works very well, and the need to open back up for further development probably isn't in your best interest right now. However, when the industry makes a move on you such as eliminating flash altogether then its one of those special cases where a quick patch may be needed. Thanks for looking into this and I look forward to continue using Broadwave for my client, and future clients.


Tim F.

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Funny how I was just thinking about this problem (and this thread) after I hear that Adobe themselves has issued a statement a few weeks ago advising people NOT to use flash and to remove it from their systems, this is basically the knife in the back for Flash. NCH should really consider removing it completely from Broadwave if they still want people to use it, unless of course they have something in the works that replaces it.


Thank you Tuck_Man for this solution, very much appreciated!

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