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Can't record streaming audio files any more

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On a Mac computer, I have successfully recorded 3 one hour streaming audio sessions. Now when I try to record another one, it won't record - the recording time from the last session is still showing and it doesn't revert to zero when I press record. I can hear the streaming audio music, but the usual message saying that Sound Trap is receiving an audio stream is not coming on like it usually does.

Help please.


Another question. I save each 1 hour recording session onto a micro SD and put it into my phone to listen from the phone. Each session shows separately. If I set the music on my phone to play Shuffle, does it play the individual songs randomly for each 1 hour recording, or does it randomly shuffle between 1 hour recordings playing each hour in its original sequence?



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Hi Golden Dakota,

It's possible that there is a problem with the SoundTap driver. Try rebooting your computer, and that should fix the problem. I'll also report the issue to our Mac SoundTap developer.


In regard to your second question, your phone will see each 1 hour recording as *one* track. So let's say you have 5 x 1 hour tracks on your phone. If you play in shuffle mode, it will randomly choose one of those 5 tracks and play it in its entirety. Then it will choose another of the 5 tracks and so forth.




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Hi Golden Dakota


When you try to record the streaming audio, in the Soundtap window if the program is actually listening to the audio stream you should be able to see the audio level indicator moving. Like in the example below



The things to always check is that the message "Successfully connected to driver" and "Soundtap is receiving an audio stream" are showing in the logs. These messages are the ones that indicate the program is ready to record.


In the case your Soundtap does not connect to the driver you might want to try to uninstall and reinstall the program again.

Please try the following.


1. Uninstall the program Sountap


To Uninstall your program follow the steps below:


1. Open the Applications folder

2. Click on and hold on the Soundtap icon and drag it to the trash bin.


2. Reboot your computer and then reinstall the program Soundtap from the link below:



3. Reboot you computer once again.


4. Open Soundtap and click on the option record (do not check on the option to also record from the microfone)


There should be audio recognized and the bars moving. Let me know what is it that you get if different.


In the eventuality of needing further technical assistance, please submit a trouble ticket in our support page and NCH's technical team will be glad to assist you.


Submit your ticket in the link below



Best regards,

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