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My Zulu D.J. playlist mysteriously deleates the playlist on its own.


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My Zulu D.J.software mysteriously deleats the playlist on its own.? This has happened twice. Had to reload entire playlist twice. What could be causing this automatic deleation of the palylist.?? I need some answers to this problem

someone. This occurs when I restart my lap top computer the following days once every two to three months.

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Hi hypnatist,

First of all, which version of Zulu are you using? Secondly, is the playlist itself being deleted, or are all the songs in the playlist being removed (so that you end up with an empty playlist)?



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Dear Ben : Thank you for the E-mail. I was hoping that you could mail every thing, activation code and CD of Zulu software .? Is this possible as I

think the glitch was in the downlloading of the trilal software version of the Zulu D.J. software.


Thank you,


D.J. mixhypnatist.



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