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I am completely new to this editing thing and have just started using VideoPad v4.10 a couple days ago. I've spent a lot of time on it already but having a hard time figuring a few things out. I'm making a video/collage of road trip pictures and would like to include a video. Is there a way to include the video while still playing the audio that I want for the pictures? There also seems to be a bunch of gaps popping up left and right throughout the preview, even when I delete them, is there a way to fix this? Last but not least, I just want one song throughout the video which I have included already. It keeps re-starting where I have the picture transitions. How can I get it so that it doesn't do this? I just want one continuous flow. I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you.



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Check out the VP 4x tutorial...



And this, written for version 3x, but the principles are the same as for 4x.



Click the ? (HELP) icon at the top-right for more.


You can place your video images/clips on sequence channel #1, then add separate audio to sequence channel #2. Changing one should not affect the other.

To see gaps, expand the sequence display by moving the slider that's near the right-bottom of the window. Right-click in an open space between clips and click CLOSE GAP.

Clips can also be left-clicked - then hold the button and slide them to the left to close gaps. The clips will snap into place.

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If you are new to video editing and VP, it's best to keep it simple.

Here are the basic moves that you can try...


Add all your video clips to the media list. (They will be found in the Video File bin)

Add your background music to the media list. (It will be found in the Audio File bin)

Add any image files to the media list. (They will be found in the Image File bin)


Add your video clips and images to the sequence line in the order required. (Drag and drop them there or use the menu options seen when you right click them) You can edit them there as you add them (split and delete unwanted bits) or edit them from the Clip preview window using the IN/OUT markers, and add them with the green arrow.


Click on and close any gaps you have produced.


Click the loud speaker icon at the left end of Audio track1 to mute the complete track.

Drag and drop your Audio File to Audio Track 2 below the muted track and move it L/R to play where you want it to.


Your video should now play with this audio track. This the simplest construction.


If you mute individual clips instead of the whole track (by using the speaker icon shown on each sound clip,) the tracks you don't mute will play with, (mix with) your main added sound track.

As you can see VP has a huge number of options available and it takes time to find out out how they all work. The above suggestion is just a way to start.

Remember to save your project regularly as you work (Use Save as if you want to save slightly different versions)


Best of luck



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Newbie but oldie question, what happened to the 'save as new clip' button. I bought Videopad a while back and there was a button to save any new clip I created individually, then I noticed it disappeared when I reinstalled the software or upgraded, I can't remember which. Is there a way to save a clip in the sequence to disk? This was a useful option while cutting a video. Thanks.

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