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iPad App version 4.38 - 19 June 2015

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Hi iPad App users,


I wish to report to the forum a critical issue with Express Invoice Version 4.38 - released 19 June 2015, (previous version 4.28 - released 11 Nov 2015).  


As soon as I installed 4.38 version it no longer recognises that I purchased this 'professional' version of the App in 2013. Is this a trick or just an error on the developers' behalf? From my records I paid AUD10.49 on 26 October 2013, so as not to have advertisements popping up on the screen, and the other features of the paid-up App. This 4.38 version is asking for $12.99 to have the features that I paid for in 2013, and have been taken away as I installed 4.38 version. I can no longer use my IPad App, as there are new restrictions on using an unpaid version of the App.


I would like to know if there are iPad users of Express Invoice experiencing this issue since the release of Version 4.38. Importantly, to whom is it best to report this issue, so it is solved URGENTLY. Thanks.

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Have you installed the Professional version or the Free version of Express Invoice? It sounds like you've downloaded the free version, since the Professional version can't be downloaded until it's paid for. There are two versions in the app store, one paid (the Professional version) and one free with in-app purchases. If you purchased the Professional version at some point in the past, then you should be able to download the current version.


Please contact technical support via www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html if you continue to have trouble.

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Hi Josh,

On reflection, I should not have used the word 'professional'. As originally, there never was a professional Express Invoice in the App Store.


In reply to your 1st question.....I downloaded (on 10 Sep 2013) the ONLY available iPad App which interestingly back then was called "Express Invoice HD Free Invoicing App". It was version 3.81 then. (I am unable to recall what the 'HD' means, but you may be able to clarify for me.) This App offered 'Top In-App Purchases', which I subsequently purchased 'Express Invoice' for the then going full amount of $10.49 on 26 Oct 2013, the day after I installed version 3.91.

Since then, I downloaded every version - with recognition of my original payment of Express Invoice, except when I installed this current version 4.38.


Why is it since I downloaded this current version 4.38 the App no longer recognises my Top In-App purchase of Express Invoice? For instance, the advertisements are popping up - and requires a payment of $1.29 to make them not appear. And as I have more than 5 customers - requires a payment of $6.49. Can you confirm - why am I being treated as unpaid user?


Importantly, to whom is it best to report this issue, so it is solved URGENTLY. Thanks.

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