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Hey guys,

Just started using Golden records to transfer vinyl to pc. First recordings were good, but now something has changed as after Audio restoration has completed, the finished files are only playing out of one channel?? So assume it is recording mono????I have checked my Format settings and they are set to PCM and 16bit stereo. This happens whether I record to mp3 or wav file type? Checked RCA leads and all ok. Amp receives two channels on playback from the turntable.

So stumped as to why it has changed. Any way of finding original settings for the files it did work ok with, so I can check what they were?

Any assistance will be welcome as I can't carry on recording till I've sussed this issue out.




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Hi Yiddo69,

This is a strange problem, but a couple of thoughts come to mind.


1. Just double check that your headphones or speakers or whatever you are using to listen to your recordings are not the culprit (ie, only partially plugged in or something).


2. If you run the recording wizard (left-most button on the main toolbar) are you getting a good signal on both channels when you get to the "Recording Volume Calibration" screen?


3. If you listen to the recordings immediately after you have made them and *before* you run any of the "Audio Restoration Tools" options, do you hear stereo or mono?


4. Can you open one of the recordings in WavePad using the button from the toolbar and check what the file properties are? You should be able to see this in WavePad on the bottom info bar - you should see the sample rate and number of channels.




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