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Inventoria BUG!help me!


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all my files disappear, i have to restore all my datas everytime i open

> inventoria. and everytime i add items and click add there always pop up

> and direct me to bug report! its been 1 week since its started. i always

> report it when the bug report pop up and they answer w/ non sense. im just

> new here and i purchased less than a month. please fix it. thank you and

> more power!



NCH Support answered:

Thank you for reporting a bug. Over the next weeks our testers will attempt to reproduce the bug and if we can reproduce it we will try to get a fix in the next release. We will attempt to email you when the bug is fixed and the version is released.

To make sure you are the first to know about new releases please:

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What version are you using, Windows or Mac? I am using Windows and the file for Inventoria are located in a subdirectory off of the hide directory C:\ProgramData in C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Inventoria. Before you do anything backup the files, in Tools Menu.


First try reinstalling the software, the executable may have been corrupted.

If that doesn't work, try restoring the data from the last backup that seemed to work, the newer data maybe corrupt and the program can't handle the corrupt data and crashes.


There are other things that you can try but they are extremely technical.

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