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Video and sound out of sync how to fix?

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Hello I am new to these forums so if this has already been answered please direct me to the post but if not well here is my problem. Sometimes when I record some footage and put it into VideoPad Professional the sound gets out of sync with the video, I would be fine with this if the video it self was out of sync but when I just play the raw footage it is in perfect sync. So to combat this problem I have been having to rerecord the footage. Which can take a lot more time than it should when you have one hour of footage to rerecord. So far I have concluded that it must be something wrong with VideoPad. If there is a way to fix this in the settings or something please inform me and if you are having the same problem feel free to post as well. The sooner the better, I am already behind in editing. Thanks and have a great day.

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Done a test with this....

Shot 2 minute sequence of strict 1 second metronome taps. The camera set to produce an MPEG4 H.264 ;1920 x 1080 30fps clip.

This was transfered to the PC and it opened and played perfectly with both Windows Media Player and VLC.

The clip was then added into Videopad and dropped onto the sequence line.

Both the Clip and the sequence line played perfectly.


With no edits or cuts, the sequence line was exported to the PC as a Custom .avi 1920 x 1080 You-Tube 1080p clip at 30 fps.

The encoder was H264 (Native) Mp3 44100Hz 128 kbps Stereo.


The resulting video did NOT play correctly with VLC. It displayed a badly pixelated image and a markedly out of synch sound that got progressively worse as the clip was played..


The same clip also opened in Windows Media Player. The image this time was clear but lagged at least 1/2 to 1 second behind the sound near the start with the synch getting progressively worse until at the end of the 2 minute clip it was about 20 seconds out.


The sound was progressively out of synch with irfanview in a similar way WMP.

The output format was not playable with Quick Time.


I also loaded the exported avi back into VideoPad .where it played perfectly.


I then converted the MPEG4 raw clip to an MPEG2 clip of the same resolution. This played perfectly in all the mentioned video players including when dropped into Videopad.


The clip was again exported with the same settings as before. It played OK with VLC but again lagged with WMP and Irfanview player but not to such a degree as before. It played perfectly with VideoPad.


I suspect that the resolution (1920 x 1080) is the cause of the lag coupled with the processing speed of the PC.

NCH might want to comment on these findings.


I would suggest that the problem could be reduced by converting clips to mpg2 and possibly shooting at a slightly lower resolution or outputting at a lower resolution e.g. 1280 x 720.

Having had this problem in the past and a (now) slower PC I generally shoot at the lower resolution 1280 x 720 (MPEG4 output) and then convert to MPEG2. I have no synch problems, the MPEG2 seems clearer and brighter and the result looks quite OK.



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Hi Sam


Sorry I dumped the clip I was doing the test with. However I have just realised that I have a different graphics card in the PC. and now I am wondering if it has difficulty playing 1080 mpeg4 clips when they are straight out of the camera. (With both VLC and WMP.) or whether VLC is not running right.

So I have just done a re-test with a shorter clip just to check...... It's not what I initially found :o


The raw clip (1920 x 1080 mpeg4 h.264 at 30fps)..

Did NOT play correctly in VLC. The image was pixellated at the start particularly when there was any movement and was also very jerky. The sound jumped in and out of sync as well.

In WMP the image was quite good with no jerkiness or pixellation but lagged behind the sound.


However, the raw clip played OK in videopad and the output file (1080 .avi) played OK. in both players as well.


So VP seems OK....It's just the raw clips that seem bad in the players.

To add to the puzzle, 720 mpeg4 videos play OK all the time.


Sorry if I was misleading.



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We've fixed some sync issues after the version your are using. Please try out the latest version (v4.10) see if the problem still there.




That's fine, thank you very much for the effort.

Hi thanks I did not know I did not have the newest version, I was wondering if I can just update what I have or will I have to buy the upgrade thing. thanks

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For licensing issues please feel free to contact our sales team.


You can try out the free version first. Keep your old installer so you can rollback before making the decision to upgrade.


Please let me know if the issue still in the latest version. We offer free upgrade/license for people whom helped us fixing and improving the product.


Best regards,

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