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My registered copy of Photostage will not play the preview of the early section of a project, giving the above message. All images are just over 1MB and there is a music sound track in wav. format. The problem has only just begun it has worked perfectly up until now. Do I need to clean out cache or something? If I wait long while running through the project it will eventually begin to show the slides. However when I return to the start it gives the message again.

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Yes, the message building preview would show when your computer takes too long to render the images and audio for playback, this usually happens when the cache and temporary files folder is too full. What you may want to do is to open Photostage and go to Options > General > Cache and click on the button that says Clear Cache. Also you would see the Default cache folder path shown there as the first option under Cache so you may go there and delete all the files there so you can make up space for newer data.

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