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IVM not generating DTMF when dialing digits in transfer


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I've had surprisingly good luck with the HiRo USB modem (Agere/LSI Soft Modem) on my PSTN analog line connected to a Panasonic PBX. IVM 5.11 works fine with everything I've tried (running Windows 7 with that most recent version of the modem s/w, ver, EXCEPT for one critical failure.


When the caller presses a key (say, '2'), IVM is supposed to flash, dial ext. 215, wait for an answer, and then hang up on answer or fail back to the call tree if no answer. I monitor the progress of an incoming call. The modem recognizes the incoming DTMF tones without fail. It correctly applies the flash hook. I hear the stutter, then dial tone, and then ... nothing. IVM activity log claims it is dialing 215, but it doesn't. Here's the activity log fragment:

22:19:33 Command - Transfer

22:19:33 Dialing: !

22:19:35 Dialing complete

22:19:41 Dialing: 105

22:19:41 Dialing complete

22:19:46 Call disconnected


When I use a phone and manually flash, then dial 215, it works fine. It's just the IVM is not sending the keys. Period. And the modem logs show that no DTMF signals are being issued by IVM; it just disconnects.


By the way, IVM version 4.11 unders Windows XP has worked flawlessly for me for many years.


Any suggestions from NCH wizards on why IVM is behaving badly?



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Hi !


If you were able to use the same feature(dial ext when pressing a number-key, related to the "Key response settings" - "Menu (single key matching)") on version 4.11, when using Windows XP, and you had the same Modem and firmware that you are using now, the issue may be related to the software version and not your modem, however if the IVM logs showed that the call was transfered to the extension you might need to enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html


Something you could try is to change/modify the IVM's message playback volume, the same issue can occur if it is set too high. Click Settings and adjust the "Volume Level" on the "General" tab to a lower setting. Now the modem will hear the DTMF tones easier.



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I will try experiments with the volume, although I don't think that is the problem.


I will also post the modem logs, which show that while the flash at the start of the transfer is being sent to the modem, no digits are being sent after the accompanying pause -- IVM just disconnects with the Call Disconnected. It isn't a blind transfer but a confirmed transfer, and IVM isn't supposed to do that.



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