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Automatic conversion of vob to avi when adding file

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Hello guyz,


I am having an issue and I m not sure if it is normal. When I just installed VideoPad, I could add video files of type vob

to my project instantly, I would do my editing and then I would export. But I think after a forced reboot I had,

when I try to add a vob file, it starts to convert it to avi and the add it to the project. And that takes a lot of time

and my cpu warms up when I might only need a few minutes from the video.


Is there any way to switch back to the default behavior (add a file as it is - no conversion) or have I missed



Thank you ^_^

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Just grabbed a few DVDs and tried out, none of them need to be converted to avi. It's all automatically we only convert vob to avi only if we detect problems in the vob file, for example too long between keyframes which can slow down editing a lot.


If the same vob file before doesn't need convert but now does, please clean up the cache and try again: Options->Disk->Clear Unused Cache FIle (when no project is loaded).

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