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Please let me clear the LICENCE agreement for Pos price is 40$ and for Inventoria is 129$, my question is this 40 $ is for one month / 12 months or for one time purchase for life time, please explain me licence agreement details .


2nd Question is, can i change my customer invoice for copper POS values in any other langue other then English ?


3rd Question is, can i remove SHARE and SUITE button from toolbar after purchasing the software ?


4th Question is, if my supplier change price for the same item from 50$ to 60$ then what i will do for it?


5th Question is, if i need to give discount on selective items there is no option to import i need to do it manually after searching items.


Please i need to purchase your company software before that i need to explain these question to my company management so please kindly send me these answers but to the point. Thanks

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I will reply to your questions in the same order:


1- All of our licences require just a single payment, this means there is no monthly, yearly or any kind of fees. However, is good for you to know that the license works with the software version available at the moment of purchase or any updates released within 6 months after the date of purchase.


2- If what you want is to change the text on the Copper invoices then you may do so by going to Options/ Receipt text and from the receipt text titles option you may select the specific part of the invoice you want to change and replace the default text for what you need it.


3- Sadly the Share and Suite options are fixed on the program and there is no option to remove it, currently we are not offering an option to customize the program so those two options will remains there for now.


4- If your supplier changes the price items you will need to change the purchase price on Inventoria, however, the program currently does not offer an option to make a difference between the old price for the old items and the new price for the new ones, meaning that if you had items purchased at $50 and you update the price to $60 then all the items you have in stock will show the same purchase price.


5- On Copper there is an option to add items from a CSV file, however, there is not a specific field for the discount price.

I hope this information helps you but in case you need further assistance you may contact our sales team at sales@nchsoftware.com

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