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I have my aspect ratio set to 16:9 and that lines up with my resolution. Nevertheless im getting black borders around the screen on the recording. Anyway to really get a 16:9 on video output?

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Hi Detox,


The black borders are added when the source and output videos don't have the same resolution. Please answer to the following questions:

  1. Are you sure that the resolution in the same?
  2. Where have you set the 16:9 aspect ratio?
  3. In the Video "Options: Screen Output", is the "Keep Aspect Ratio" enabled"?
  4. Are you sure that the black borders aren't added by the video player?




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Capture ratio: If you are recording full screen, is your monitor resolution 16:9? I frequently use the "draw a selection rectangle" option, and adjust the rectangle length and width to get a 16:9 ratio. When I do that, my youtube videos do NOT have a black border. At approx 12 min. in this video, I demonstrate this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZdXj-Kqm1I&index=5&list=PLgHiYdbb2tMIQkEQXls8bvaPsLTDQrNFx

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