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Silver Support for Debut

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Clemwenzina how is that helpful? As I already said I used that link which asks if you are a platinum subscriber; If not you send them a normal emal via their template which they never reply to. Do you have an answer or are you just posting google search results?

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The support form asks a number of questions so that we can best route your inquiry. We prioritize those inquiries based on your answers, but we support anyone who has a question, whether they're a paying customer or not.


We reply to every ticket, but I don't see any tickets from the email address that your forum ID is registered to. If you used a different email address, can you let me know what it was?

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I've sent you email for the support I've paid through through both my email which i've register when I BOUGHT your product and BOUGHT silver support. With my email, which I obviously am not listing in a public forum. What is your normal procedure when someone buys your product then pays extra for silver support? As far as I can see it's not even to send any instructions then ignore subsequent emails. After stating this in the NCH facebook I suppose I embarrassed someone from NCH to respond, they gave me a number to call of:




Funnily enough after calling that 10 times and having the supplied access code denied I still cant talk to anyone. Why was I given a number to call and an access code that doest work? As I said these answers don't line up to any reality


give me your email and ill contact you directly for further details

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