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Problem with Scaling text in VP4.05

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The first fault is probably just cosmetic but still need to be addressed.

If I add a text it appears initially as a chequered "T" in the media list and a chequered blank frame on the timeline and a chequered blank frame in the Clip Preview screen.

Video track 2 is highlighted.

So far this seems OK.


At this point I can add text in two ways but the final result differs


Way 1

I can click the text input box and enter some text. "ABCDEFG"

I have chosen large bold yellow centrally placed text on a full black background.

The Clip Preview screen now shows the yellow text on a black background.

Nothing further happens until I click outside the text entry area when the thumbnail image on Video track 2 reproduces the text on the black background and the Sequence Preview pane shows the same..

However the thumbnail on the Media list remains a blank chequered area.

Shouldn't this thumbnail also reflect the text on a black background?

If I click the thumbnail on the media list the Clip Preview window shows the text but the thumbnail does not, it simply highlights blue.


Way 2

I select the Media list thumbnail first and then enter the text.

The text appears correctly now both on the timeline and the media list.


Both methods should end up the same.


Adding a SCALE effect has a problem.

Having added my text as above

I can click the timeline and scale the text horizontally by say, 200%

This plays correctly but if I have chosen method 1 to add my text the media list thumbnail does not change it remains blank. It should change to reflect the scaling.



More importantly if I select Method 2 to rescale the text, the media list thumbnail now reflects the changes but the sequence line does not.


As can be seen here...




Media list shows the horizontal scaling but the sequence line image remains unscaled.

It seems this is a bug.



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Hi Nat,


I think this is the same problem I replayed in another post:




If you select a clip in the Media Bin and click Effect button on the toolbar to apply effects. The effects will be apply the clip in the Media Bin (i.e. Bin Clip) only. Clips already on the sequence time line (i.e. Track Clip) are not effected.


This is a design problem and VideoPad is in this ways for a long time. We'll fix this when we find a suitable solution.


The difference between Bin Clip and Track Clip is really confusing. In fact it applies to all clips not only text clips.

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Hi Sam

Yes, sorry you did mention it before. I agree it is a bit confusing. However my first point re: the media list text TN not showing the text you enter with its attributes is valid. I feel that this should update correctly as it doesn't involve the timeline.


I would suggest that addition of any effects should, perhaps, be restricted to the timeline clip only . That is to say the media list TN would there simply for reference and preview in the raw state.

Of course this may not be to everone's taste and there may be programming restraints on this idea.

I have to say that personally I add effects to the clip on the timeline and not the media list.



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I know this is useless but the original post has a picture with yellow letters, and I don't know what is the name of that font; it looks cool.

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Hi Ivan


It's Balloon font.


I have several hundred fonts I could use that list up in VP and came with vista.You could always add more to the font folder. It's one reason why I suggested they could be listed in VP text entry with each written in their actual font instead of ariel, (like they do in the forum here...although there is only 9 to choose from) That way you could pick any you think are cool without having to try each one beforehand to find out what it looks like.



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