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Video Pad effects don't seem to work correctly

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Hi, i've recently downloaded the updated version to the free NCH VideoPad software and a lot of the effects in the effects section seem to not be working correctly at all.


For example, here is I am trying to scale a picture onto a video, using the scale effect, which simply does this during the effects process:



And here it is after I apply the effects to the picture:



This is becoming a huge problem for me and I was hoping someone on here knew what was going on and how I could get the effects to work properly, since it's most of them that's doing this, to whatever size picture and video.


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Put your video on Track1 and your image on Track 2 (overlay) and move it above your clip. (You seem to have a black, blank frame for your image)

At this point the clip on Videotrack 1 will not be visible as your image will cover it being an overlay.

Right click your image on Videotrack 2 and select the SCALE effect

Set your values for x% and y%. (Note: At least one of these must be smaller than 100% if you want to see anything of the clip underneath.)

The effects preview should show the result if the red cursor line is within the clip region.


e.g. A 50% scaled black blank over a clip should look like this.......




You can also scale the clip on Videotrack 1 in a similar way..but don't make it smaller than the image or again, it will be covered up.



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The picture that I used for the example wasn't a blank, it's actually this:



i've done everything stated by your comment and unfortunately it isn't working at all. Here is what the picture overlaying the video looks on my editor before I add any effect to the picture:

And here it is right after adding the scaling effect (as well as any effect really):

I'm assuming there might be a bug of some kind but I don't know really

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Your second image looks OK. The .png image with transparent background is on Track2 and the clip is on Track1.


You should be able to apply the scale effect to that .png.......... <_<


It shoudn't turn into a black frame as shown in your third image. Seems like it may be a bug. :(


I may also have found one.........I didn't have a .png to try this out so used a transparent background .gif. As an image it would have had a default duration of 5 seconds but VP converts a single gif image to an .avi file which has a duration then of 0.1 seconds.Presumably as it thinks it may be an animated file that I was loading instead of a single image. But here it was a single image and I haven't found a way of altering the duration yet....... so I am going to look for another png file as those I generate don't have a transparent background. Will come back.....





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Hi again..


I have loaded a .png file with a transparent background to Track 2 and a video clip to Track 1...




I then scaled both x and y axes in the .png to 50%. There was a very slight delay with a black frame showing as VP rendered the result but it seemed to work OK..





So I can't see a problem here. (apart from the one I noted re. gif images)

I am using the latest version 4.05 BTW. Did you wait long enough for the image to render???



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The effects should only take a few seconds to generate.

I had another look at your uploaded images and note that in no 2 you seem to have a blank black frame positioned in front of the png (which may also have been split) and as the red cursor line is positioned on this black clip the preview doesn't show the video clip as it is hidden.


I would delete the black clip as well as the png image (or the two bits if it was split)

Drag the png from the media list and deop it onto track 2 above the video clip and position the red cursor line in the centre of the png.

You should now see png image, the red IK circle, superimposed on the video clip.

This is what one of your other uploaded pictures showed.

Right click the png and choose Effects. Select the SCALE effect.

The Effects Preview window should show the red IK circle positioned over the background video.

Change the scale values and then the Apply button.


Thats all I can suggest for the moment

I think you may have inadvertantly inserted a blank frame :unsure: .



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