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Inventoria sales report error if sell through express invoice

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i just bought express invoice and it is working fine. Now i am testing inventoria trial version. Inventoria can be connected to express invoice. The stock in inventoria auto update in express invoice. whenever i do sales at express invoice , the quantity reduced at inventoria as expected. BUT the sales report at inventoria not updated. i can't see any sales report if i do sales at express invoice. whenever i do "sell stock" at inventoria, the sales report updated and can see sales & profit. Anyone, please advice how to fix this.




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I am glad its not only me that has this problem I have just set up copper and Inventoria on 2 old pcs so I know what to do to help a friend out at setting them up as they is 2 shops and coppper needs to connect remote to inventoria as its on a pc at my friends house.


Can any one tell us what going wrong.

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Yes, that's the correct behavior of both programs. When you use Express Invoice with Inventoria, the Inventoria turnover report will not update, as it is expected that you will use the turnover report from Express Invoice itself. To do this from Express Invoice, go to Reports -> Item Sales -> (select time period as desired) -> view.


When you're using Sync, Express Invoice picks up the item data from Inventoria and Inventoria updates the stock levels. You should be using Express Invoice for Invoicing and Inventoria for Stock control.


The only case when the Sales history is populated is if Inventoria is used on its own and the 'Sell stock' option is used as an alternative to invoicing. In your case, this should not be used.

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is this means we can't see profit if we sell through express invoice even if we connect to inventoria ? This will defeat the purpose of inventoria . Express invoice can control the stock quantity. I plan to buy inventoria only to check the profit. i can't issue invoice through inventoria and can't see profit in express invoice. any other way to settle this ?

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After synchronizing copper with Inventoria successfully done ,

I found confusion now with total Sales results of two reports

(Copper and Inventoria) which each one have something I need .

When I use Copper to issue an invoice it reduces the quantity from inventoria which is great

and total sales report is fine too for sales, tax , quantity.

1. The problem is with inventoria when an item sold in copper it reduces the quantity but do not get stored in the daily sales report .

2. Sales report in inventoria shows only cost of the item and gross net , but removes total tax why ?

I really dont know what to do now !! which one to use !! even though the inventoria have the option of choosing the date of issue of invoice which is very good .

Please help me URGENT

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This still becomes problematic for creating concise reports.

If I want a report that shows my profit after sales tax and cost of goods is removed I have to generate that manually.

While a lot of the inventory management features make this well worth the change this is something I had available to me previously.

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