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Excessive CPU/Graphics Card usage => Noisy Fan

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I love Debut, EXCEPT for the high cpu usage which causes the fan on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite, late 2011, 16GB memory) to run at high speed making it unusable for me as I need to run Debut in a very quiet environment. I thought as a last resort, I would try the beta version, but it makes no difference.


The important thing to note, is that I ONLY get excessive CPU or graphics card usage heating my MacBook Pro with Debut. All other video capture programs I have tried do NOT have the same problem on my Mac. Unfortunately, all of the others do not have the great features of Debut, so it leaves me in an unfortunate position.


Note also that I have tried using a multiple of video output formats to reduce the processing requirements, but to no avail.


Thanks for any advice anyone may have.

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I think you need a more powerful computer. I had a similar fan and CPU temperature problem when rendering or converting the format of videos on my HP Pavilion computer. When I switched to a more powerful HP Envy, all those problems went away. You should replace, rather than upgrade a computer that is more then 4-5 years old. Get advice from apple sales support, not from a store clerk.

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Thanks tomwall, Perhaps a more powerful computer would help, but my Macbook Pro is no slouch, though a few years old.


In continuing to look at this issue, I noticed that Debut is always using the discrete graphics card of the Mac instead of the integrated on-board graphics card. The former requires more energy and can certainly heat up a laptop. Macbook Pro’s can have two graphics cards & MacOS has a setting that will switch to the integrated card if it is able to. (Automatic Graphics Switching in Energy Saving in System Preferences).


So I downloaded & used gfxCardStatus (https://gfx.io/) to determine which graphics card is being used at any point in time, and determined that Debut switches the Mac to use the Discrete graphics card. Perhaps this is not necessary as other video recording S/W do not switch the Mac to the discrete graphics card.


The graphic card issue may not be the whole problem as even when I used gfxCardStatus to force usage of the integrated card, cpu usage is still higher with Debut & so the Mac runs somewhat hotter, but it vastly improved the situation.

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