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Can recordpad automatically upload to ftp?

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Thanks Josh! It however sounds like we have different versions. I do not have options, I have settings. I do not have upload recordings, I have send options. There I have ftp settings and a button to test connection, which is ok. I do not see an option of "run automatically". I'm running iphone 5 with ios8. Any ideas?

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Guest BeerFist

The ftp upload should run once the recording has finished/stopped. You can schedule a maximum recording time(Settings->Record) so that once that time is reached, the recording breaks, then it should be uploaded using FTP, then the recording should resume.

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Thanks BeerFist! That's the way it works. But only once. I do have "start new recording" on but only get one file transferred. I would like to have this continuous automatic loop forever. Any ideas, if it's doable?

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