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The Help file for the Command-line tool in Switch says:


Important Note: Due to a limitation in the way Windows handles running graphical programs from the command line, Switch cannot give any feedback when an issued command has been completed, nor can it block the command line while a conversion is taking place. We are currently investigating possible ways to circumvent the Windows problem, but please note it down for now and take it into account when issuing command-line orders to Switch.


Does anybody know whether there has been any progress on this? I've achieved a level of success by monitoring the number of files in my output directory (knowing the number I'm trying to put there), but this doesn't work when I'm overwriting. I'm reluctant to try anything more elaborate.


Regards, MartinJ

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Since my first posting I've realised that if I delete any files that are due to be overwritten in the output directory before starting the switch run then my "number of files" monitoring works fine. The control program cycles round a "do while" 1 sec sleep statement reporting "files processed x, files to do y" till the totals balance and then falls through to the sweep-up activities I can't contemplate until I'm confident the conversion is complete. Works a treat!

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