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Time divergent after video clip is cut


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This topic is in responds to the issue raised by Shoebill: http://nch.invisionz...c-after-export/



Hi Shoebill,


I've investigated your project - A clip has been put in sequence with:

  • In point at: 0:00:48.680
  • out point at: 0:00:48.755
  • The light turns on at 0:00:48.744 (64ms after in point)

Now lets see the result in the sequence time line and sequence preview.

  • The track on the time line was 75ms long, that's correct.
  • The light didn't turn on during the 75 ms duration. If I extent the length of the track clip, the light actually turns on at 80ms. There is 16ms difference from the original clip (64ms).

In fact, what we see in the time line and the sequence preview is exactly the same as the output result so we don't have to export to see the difference.


We still investigating the cause of the 16ms difference. If anyone else here experienced the same issue please let us know.


I'll post here once the issue is fully resolved.


Best regards,

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The issue is also discussed in previous topics. I think the main problem is you don't really see the actual frames 1:1 .

(You have 25fps preview on 23,997 or 24 or 25 or 30 or 50 or 60 fps video).

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