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Rotate Aspect Ratio 90°, from 16:9 to 9:16

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VP newbie here. :)


I have a little clip that's shot with the camera turned 90°, i.e., the aspect ratio is 9:16. How can I get VP to rotate the aspect ratio so the video is in the same orientation as the camera was?


(Just to be extra clear, I do not want black on both sides of the image.)


Many thanks!

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Without distorting your clip or losing some of it, you won't be able to fill the frame without bars to either side. The VP video frame is 16:9 but once you have rotated your image you will have a 9:16 image within a 16:9 frame.


If you use the ROTATE effect (rotate set to 90) you will automatically crop off the top and bottom of the image.

Scaling this vertically at this point however does not restore the missing portions.


So...side bars apart, you should SCALE first. Set each value to 56.2

Now ROTATE 90 (set just the rotate option to 90)


This is the only way you will get ALL your image into the frame the correct way up...but there will be bars to each side..


If you don't want bars to each side you will have to now either stretch (distort) the frame horizontally by altering the horizontal SCALE or by using ZOOM to isolate a portion of the image, forcing the 16:9 AR.


It's a square peg in a round hole problem.



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Thank you very much, Nat! Especially for taking the time to include so much detail.


I think I'll go with the full image with bars and suggest it be viewed full screen. (It's just a casual little clip....)


In future I will think twice before shooting video in portrait.


Your final sentence is very good! :D

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