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Pan and Zoom like MovieMaker


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I've mastered MovieMaker but wanted to do more with audio so I purchased VideoPad Professional. I'm regretting this now because it seems impossible to add "simple" video effects like Pan& Zoom. MovieMaker's interface is SIMPLE - you just click the effect that you want located in the ribbon and DONE. You don’t have to go into a complex edit tool and add Position and Zoom effects and then make all kinds of X/Y axis keyframe adjustments! Or am I missing something? Does VideoPad have a “one-click” effects tool bar like MovieMaker that doesn’t require rocket science? If not then I might as well go back to MovieMaker. It might have audio limitations but at least I don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a SIMPLE Pan & Zoom effect.


I’m seriously frustrated and disappointed.

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You're missing little. There are no "one-click" options.

Depending upon one's perspective and needs, the more advanced capabilities of VP can be a bane or a boon.


If you work with VP for a time you may come to appreciate the greater flex that it offers. But then, perhaps not. ^_^




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Thanks, Borate.


I consider myself a “power user” with most software I have. I can see the value of the advanced capabilities however there’s also value in having pre-defined effects!


I tend to use lots of snapshots – no way do I want to customize every single one of them! I don’t see the value in spending several minutes trying to Pan & Zoom a 6 second snapshot. Given the number of snapshots I use I’m looking at LOTS of time lost. Also, each snapshot will most likely have varying fluidity which will become a distracting effect rather than a pleasing one.


If VP had pre-defined effects like MovieMaker then at least it would provide a starting point for editing!


I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. MovieMaker lacks audio and video editing but has lots of pre-defined, single-click effects. VP has few pre-defined effects but powerful editing tools that one could spend HOURS creating similar effects that MovieMaker has at its fingertips.




VP is far and away the BETTER product but I can’t get past why no pre-defined effects. I was so excited to use VP with all its advanced features like audio effects, zoom, play in reverse, etc. however I’m not a professional editor so I don’t have the time nor desire to customize EVERY single “simple” effect like Pan & Zoom.


MovieMaker has 33 pre-defined Pan & Zoom and about 70 transitions. I’ve found these to be extremely helpful in creating a fluid and professional-looking video. Please tell me that these are in the future for VP!

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Well, all is not lost. If you create an effect - say a ZOOM - you can save it as a custom effect. Click the SAVE button and give it a name.

And there ARE a few presets available for some effects, but not for zoom. Here's an example of the choices for the POSITION effect...




So let's say that you have opened an image to create ZOOM and POSITION effects and saved each, independently, as "test."

Then you can open the effect window for another image and apply "test" to both the ZOOM and POSITION effects.

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"The quote function doesn't seem to work for me. I use ie 11 so I can't imagine any conflicts :rolleyes:"


Use Copy/Paste with " ".... :)


Certainly MM has the built in effects but they are a bit limited...you cant select the area for start and finish and each effect works for the whole duration of the clip.It's still pretty good all the same. If you are putting a silde show together then duplication of slides has to be done if an effect needs to start some time after a slide is shown.(the effect is applied to the second slide) VP allows each effect to be user defined. It's probably just as much work although familiarity makes it somewhat easier. Where MM does score IMHO is its ability to create an instant video from your clips/images with or without transitions.



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  • 3 weeks later...


I am still prepared to study the various "video effects", because of the number of functions offered. But there is a variety of draw backs which are boring.

  1. subsequent use of functions influence each other. E.g. first scale an then rotate ends up in a croped, rotated image.
  2. entering numbers into the input fields (for fine adjustment or balance) seems to presume the user has attended a 4 weeks workshop to do it properly.
    I at least have not yet discovered the secret in which sequence the digits have to be entered to give a simple result, of 12.50, straight away.
    Using the up and down arrows, in some functions, seem to mix up the program. Up counts down and vice versa, both finally in one dirction only.

Good ecperience:

But when once an effect is set and saved, it is easy and comfortable to load it back and reuse it.



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