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PhotoStage creates a DVD-VIDEO disc that violated the standard.

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PhotoStage creates a DVD-VIDEO disc that violated the standard, so that, some DVD Player can not play this.


1. File order in VIDEO_TS folder


When burned as a DVD-VIDEO, the files in the VIDEO_TS folder should be layed out on the disc in a particular order as below.

(notice the files are not layed out in alphabetical order)


VIDEO_TS.IFO -- VIDEO_TS.* is the first play item

VIDEO_TS.VOB -- This file may be absent

VIDEO_TS.BUP -- BUPs are backup IFOs

VTS_01_0.IFO -- VTS_01 is the first title set

VTS_01_0.VOB -- the _0.VOB is the title set's menu

VTS_01_1.VOB -- the _[1-9].VOB is the title set's video content



VTS_02_0.IFO -- IFOs contain navigational information

VTS_02_0.VOB -- VOBs contain Video, Audio & Subtitle streams




PhotoStage creates the disc in alphabetical order (like Data Disc), so that, the file postion in the disc does not match the infomation in VIDEO_TS.IFO (VMG_PTT_SRPT).


Some DVD Player access the files using DVD file system information (do not use the infomation in VIDEO_TS.IFO). Such a player (including some PC DVD player software) may play this DVD-VIDEO disc. But, the player that is strictly standard, may not play this disc.

(I tried to play the disc in the Panasonic(DMR-XW300) and Toshiba(RD-XS36) Video Recorder, but these recorder reject this disc.)


2. Padding the data to 1GB


DVD-VIDEO disc must contain at least 1GB of data. If the video data less than 1GB, the video disc burner should record the padding data to 1GB to work properly on the DVD players.

PhotoStage do not this action, so that, some DVD player may not play the disc.

(I tried to play the disc in the Toshiba(RD-XS36) Video Recorder, but this recorder rejects this disc.)



If your DVD player can play the disc that made by PhotoStage, I recommend that you do not give it your friend. Your friend may not play this disc because the disc violates the standard.


To avoid this trouble, I make the disc the below step;


1. Make the ISO image by the PhotoStage.

2. Extract the folders from the ISO image.

3. Burning the extracted folders to the disc using the software that strictly standard.


Thank you.

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