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How do I move a wall, and modify its length, or multi select?


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1. How do I put a wall and then modify its length to a new value? For example,I want to assign a 52cm?

2. How do I pick up already drawn wall and move it to a new place?

3. Is there a way to highlight 4 walls, ie a garage, and move it a few inches closer or away from a house?

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I found how to do these:


1. Spacebar or the Arrow icon on the toolbar activates the selection tool.

2. click on the desired object to select it.

3. then click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the selected object to the desired location.


Hope this helps.

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I installed Dream Home yesterday. I could not find user manual. I have 2 questions

1) How to change the dimensions. I have created a wall of length of 50 feet. Now I want to change to 40'. How to do this?

2) I have placed 2 walls at right angles at 2 different places and they are not touching. Now I want to move one wall such that it touches the wall at one end of the other wall which is at right angle?


I read the entire help at - but did not find help on editing i.e. updating a value say from 20' to 15' and how to join or make 2 entities meet at a specified point.


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