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I am very annoyed at this. every since PAYING for Debut PRO it has been giving me BSOD's, and the culprit is stdriver64.sys.

I have tried other capture software and I prefer Debut, but if this ignored problem isnt fixed, I will require a refund as the software has been useless. sometimes it will record for a little while and the BSOD, other times it will BSOD after launching the program. I NEVER got bluescreens before installing this software and didnt get them until AFTER paying for the PRO version.

I have v1.94 DebutPRO

I believe it only needs an updated driver


I have an i7 12gb ram, 3TB HDD windows7 64bit


I am on and blog several social sites and forums and will be letting everyine know to stay clear of this software unless you do something besides ignore everyone's

concerns. I know there are many that have complained about the same thing, I see it all over the web on different forums, I have tried fixing the problem myself, but it REQUIRES AND UPDATED DRIVER (stdriver64.sys) st = soundtap which is NCH software. you may not be aware but anyone selling goods in Australia (whether you or your business resides here or not) is subject to Australian Consumer Law. this means is a product does not perform as advertised, a refund is required by law. you can be blocked from selling all your products in Australia,


thanks for you understanding and cooperation. I am sure you are all trying your best.

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Coincidentally, as I was reading the email alert to your post, my laptop screen-capturing a webcam with Debut went BSOD - not stdriver64.sys this time (tho' it often is) but srv2.sys, another old faithful, srv2.sys.


The worst of it is, when you report a bug you are automatically invited to download the latest version "which will probably fix your problem" (words to that effect) and you have to PAY AGAIN.


Debut software is very buggy, and their licence terms don't make allowances for that.

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It seems that you're experiencing a conflict between the SoundTap driver and the Debut driver. Stdriver64.sys has nothing to do with Debut, and upgrading stdriver is not likely to fix anything.


If you don't need SoundTap, then I'd recommend uninstalling it. That should fix the problem.

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