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VideoPad 4.00 released

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Release Note:

  • Added masking feature which you can create your own mask region with optional soften edge. The effects after the mask in the effect queue will be applied inside the masked region.
    • To add a mask region, click Add Mask button on effects dialog.
    • Drag the points to change the shape of the mask.
    • Left click on edge to add a new point.
    • Right click on an existing point to remove it.
    • Points on mask region can be animated.

    [*]Effects can be applied to multiple selected clips.

    [*]More precise A/V synchronizing for preview playback.

    [*]Fixed an issue caused audio being cut off for very long clips.

    [*]Improved performance for image processing, Overall faster exporting and previewing.

    [*]Improved performance for text clips with a lot of text.

    [*]Improved performance for handling thumbnails.

    [*]Many bug fixes including some crash issues on editing and exporting.

We still working on some suggestions and bug reports. Thanks everyone for helping us make VideoPad better.


Best regards.

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Alright. I'm beyond pissed off with everything program has put me through over the past year, and now due to this most recent version, I have just about reached my limit. Every time another version gets released there is an issue that renders at least one or more of its features entirely useless! Do you want to know of all the things the one thing that doesn't work anymore? SCALE! Just making the fucking video a different size! Any size that isn't 100% turns the initial preview black and doesn't change the actual size at all! How does this sort of thing go unnoticed? It's so obvious, you can hardly even fucking miss it! It's one of the most basic things you'd use and it's now useless. I don't want or expect a cheesy response from some associate that is "so sorry for my issues", I just want you guys to be able to fucking create a working program.

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Mainly users helping users here. Pissing them off achieves nothing - except to get you ignored.

Complain directly to NCH support if you feel their product is defective.. http://www.nchsoftwa...ad/support.html


Tested several files here - both a still and different video formats - and scale scaled, as advertised.

Your observation may have gone "unnoticed" because it's specific to your PC - for reasons not your fault but as yet unknown.

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Seems to work OK with version 4.0..............although I did experience a "black preview" for a start and a non-playing sequence, similar to what you describe. I started again and it was OK.

I think you have to allow time for the effect to be generated...my PC is not particualarly fast and if I try to play the clips too soon it can stop.



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Just did some testing and couldn't see anything wrong.


Nat is right, for less powerful machines, sometimes the video can not be played smoothly before it fully cached. The cache will be regenerated after you applied a new effect.

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