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videopad export video file size


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hello all


i have videopad v3.89

using window 7



i recently updated my videopad software to v3.89

before my update, i was able to export a 40 second video, using the setting of "youtube HD-1080p" in wmv format. and the size of this video was approx 16 to 18 mb

after my update, if i export the same video using the same settings, the output video is approx 40 mb (way too big)


am i doing something wrong? did they change something with the export in the newer version?

how can i get the smallest file size, that is able to open on all pc's and on all mobile devices


thanks in advance

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It could be that previously, if you exported manually you used the encoder video bit-rate set at a different value. Exporting a clip in wmv format with a lower value will produce a smaller file. As an example the same small clip exported to PC as a 1080p wmv file....


Bit rate set at 512 b/s (smallest value) gave an output wmv clip of 833 Kb.

Bit rate set at 16384 b/s (largest setting) gave an output wmv clip of 15.9 Mb.


The VP auto upload to youtube (if you used this) may have a different default bit-rate value to the previous versions, perhaps higher, but there isn't a setting to change it under the utube window.


It may be that the default value that you set under the Computer/Data tab are implemented when you subsequently output using the Upload utube/facebook/Flikr tab.



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I've tested on a few different versions, all the way back to 3.4. They produced the same size file under same settings.


Apart from bit rate, there are some other settings can also effect output file size. e.g.: Frame rate and audio sample rate etc..


Best regards.

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