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Cannot Save Project, AND is new version bug free?

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For some reason the previous version of Photostage 2.12 will not open. I uploaded a new version and am just about to finish my project, but it will not permit me to save to my computer! Investigated and discovered that I may need to purchase a new version - which offers an immediacy of problems: 1)The pc I completed this project on is not the computer I would normally use, hence begs the question if I purchase on this computer so I can save the project I've just worked 10 hours on, can I transfer the program and files?

2) I noticed that my last completed project did not save with all of my time edits. I had made a slideshow for my son's birthday and to put it on Facebook one must upload it first to youtube. The time edits did not transfer. I am reading in the forum that this is a common problem with PhotoState. Has this been corrected? I'm going to be investing a lot of time and energy into the next slideshows I'll be making and want to make sure that this is the best choice.

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