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Can I suppress filename in video output?

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I'm a newbie to VideoPad but found it very easy to edit a couple of WAV and MP4 files, add titles phased with video, and export.


In addition to the added text I still get "filename.mp4" in the first few seconds of the video. Is there any way I can suppress the filename display and just have the title text? I couldn't find anything in the manual, online tech support, or forums addressing this.

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VideoPad doesn't output the file name in the video automatically.


Some video players like VLC displays the file name at the beginning of the movie. Simply try another player (e.g. Window Media player) if this is the case.


The sequence preview should show you exactly what will be exported, only in different resolution.


Best regards.

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If you are using VLC....


Click the Tools tab at the top of the window

Now select Preferences

Now click Subtitles/OSD

Unclick the boxs labelled Onscreen display and Show media title on video start.

Now Save


Your video should now run without the file same appearing.



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