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Main NCH / Debut folder

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Today I cannot use Debut or EditPad all purchased software.


My main NCH folder C:\Program Files (x86)... with Debut and VideoPad (I originally said Editpad in error) files are now removed from My PC ..

all shortscuts ... everything is just vanished / deleted from my hard drive.


How can this happen?

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Sometimes NCH software shows up as malware, have you done a scan with something that might have removed it? Otherwise it sounds as though there's been a System Restore to a point before you installed Debut and VideoPad.


I would write to Support if you can't reinstall, they're pretty good at responding.

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No malware problems ... no system restore ...everything on the PC is ok .


The ony thing left was .. in the Start Menu NCH links to all there products .. but noe of them worked ... probably because the NCH main folder is gone.


Very strange.


I did send a support ticket.


Naturally wondering if others have had this happen.

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